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The concept of stewardship (God’s ownership) is one of the most exciting and life-transforming concepts in the entire Bible, yet it is very poorly taught in churches and even more poorly understood among believers.

Stewardship Ministries is committed to helping believers understand and apply this compelling truth, transforming every area of their lives – home, careers and church. Experience the transformation!

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Getting Directions from the Owner Part I

Life Stewardship is grounded in the foundational truth that God is the Owner of all things. This truth has far-reaching impact into every single area of our lives. God owns our homes, our cars, our bank accounts, our investments, our children, our spouses, our bodies, our time, our abilities just to name a few of […]

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Manna in the Wilderness

All of us are quite familiar with the epic story of Israel’s 40 year wandering in the wilderness. Recently I reread this story – particularly noticing the part where God announces how He will feed His people. I find it quite fascinating that of all the unlimited ways that God could have chosen to feed […]

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If Anyone Wishes to Come After Me

Jesus was no doubt a master of hard sayings. They are not hard to understand.  They are hard to obey. Each one of them strikes at the very core of our self-centered, fallen, human nature and leaves us bristling up in the same way I imagine His listeners also bristled up when they first heard […]

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All Things In Common

The book of Acts is an historical book that gives us an invaluable glimpse into the life and times of the early church. If what we see in this book were carefully studied, it could serve as a compelling blueprint for how Jesus intended for His church to live and fellowship together. One of the […]

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