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All Things In Common

The book of Acts is an historical book that gives us an invaluable glimpse into the life and times of the early church. If what we see in this book were carefully studied, it could serve as a compelling blueprint for how Jesus intended for His church to live and fellowship together. One of the […]

The Grace of Receiving

I have quite often talked about the grace of giving. But I have never talked about the other side of that coin – the grace of receiving. For many the grace of receiving can prove to be even more difficult to learn than the grace of giving. In fact, it seems for those who have […]

An Expectant Giver

This expectant giving characteristic may be last in our Better Way Giving Series, but it is anything but the least of the six giving characteristics.  In fact, it is this expectant giving characteristic that can turbo-charge our giving beyond anything we are currently aware of. You see, giving is not just about having the right […]

A Selfless Giver

At first blush the idea of selfless giving seems pretty safe and nonthreatening. But the truth is that this selfless giving characteristic may be the most challenging and dangerous of them all. As you will see, depending on where people choose to “stand” when they do their giving may cause them to exchange their eternal […]