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Getting Directions from the Owner- Part III

In the first two parts of this series, we considered how God gives us, his stewards, directions through his Word and through other people. In this final part of the series I want to address what is no doubt the most subtle and the most subjective of the three ways God communicates His will to […]

Getting Directions from the Owner- Part II

In part one of this Getting Directions from the Owner series, I shared with you that we can get directions from God for how He wants us to manage what He has entrusted to us by getting regularly and deeply into His Word and getting His Word deeply into us. In this second part of […]

Getting Directions from the Owner Part I

Life Stewardship is grounded in the foundational truth that God is the Owner of all things. This truth has far-reaching impact into every single area of our lives. God owns our homes, our cars, our bank accounts, our investments, our children, our spouses, our bodies, our time, our abilities just to name a few of […]

Don’t Forget Who You Belong To

Recently my daughter reminded me of a parting exhortation that I apparently repeated to all four of our daughters as they were growing up, every time they would leave home – regardless of whether it was for a few hours out with their friends, an overnighter or a week-long mission trip. I certainly remember saying […]