Discovering Your Fire Within

The overwhelming majority of people on this planet never really discover the unique life purpose for which God created them. It seems that the materialism and the pursuit of all things good in this life have overshadowed the deeper meaning of our life’s purpose. Few people, even serious Christians, are tuned in to the idea […]

Stewarding Our Bodies: My Personal Journey

It was about three decades ago when I was first confronted with the importance of stewarding my physical body. My attempts to steward it well over all these years has been both challenging and life changing. And now after decades of trying to learn about and practice it, I thought it might be helpful to […]

We are the Church!

I have been working with local churches and Christian ministries for several decades and have seen a long term and unfortunate dichotomy between them that is unnecessary and harmful for both. This dichotomy stems from how we define who or what the Church is.  The commonly accepted view is that the church is a local […]

When You Give, You Will Take Away

The statement, “When you give, you will take away” is an intriguing maxim, isn’t it? It at first blush almost sounds contradictory. Let me give you some simple examples to illustrate its truth.  If you give food to a man, you will take away his hunger.  If you give love to a child, you will […]