Life Stewardship Church Leadership Forum
(Creating a Biblical Life Stewardship/Giving Culture in Your Church)

This Life Stewardship Church Leadership Forum is a one day facilitated discussion forum for church pastors and leaders to enable them to not only clarify and broaden their personal understanding of the biblical concept of stewardship, but even more importantly, how to effectively, boldly and confidently preach and teach this concept to their people – enabling them to integrate a life stewardship culture into every aspect of the church’s life. Doing so will lead their congregations to make radical transformations in their personal worldviews, chosen lifestyles and attitudes about generously deploying what God has entrusted to them for maximum Kingdom impact. 

The Forum format includes each session beginning with a ten minute video presentation by our President, Jay Link, followed by an interactive, facilitated discussion led by one of our trained Stewardship Counselors.

 In the Forum you will discover how to:

  • Identify your own “blind-spots” and misconceptions about stewardship
  • Ask the one question that has the power to transform every believer in your church
  • Motivate believers to more deeply invest themselves and what they have into Kingdom work
  • Create a maximum-impact, life-stewardship culture in your church
  • Properly grow believers into joyful and generous givers
  • Appropriately include giving in your worship services
  • Intentionally disciple the next generation of faithful stewards
  • Boldly and unapologetically preach with power on stewardship, possessions and giving


Forum Agenda:
Session 1
The Power of Life Stewardship: “What Have We Done to This World?”

Session 2
To Grow, the Church Must Die: “To Grow or to Die”

Session 3
Making Giving a Celebration of Worship: “Giving as an Act of Worship”

Session 4
Why Tithing Isn’t Work: “Releasing a Spirit Generosity”

Session 5
The Core Stewardship Task of Leadership: “Entrust to Faithful Men”